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How to Check Client's Jobs on Sccm

Hi Folks,

Today, we will check sccm outboxes; what is the meaning of them and what kind of purpose it is used for ? As you know, In sccm processes, all requests made from clients are stored in outboxes over MPs to which clients are connected. In Many cases, if there is no problem on logs files on Client and Servers, we need to check these outboxes to describe our problem. Probably requested files are waiting to send from These boxes to Site server Sql.

You can find the list of these boxes on below with related details on. Path of these boxes are SMS / MP / OUTBOXES on your Management Point server. As you can see below.

The Most common used of Components that are use Boxes lists on below. If there are more than 100 files on each boxes you need to delete these files because writing these files to Sql server it will take more than hours according to your sql technical specification so to improve this time you shoul delete files then restart ccmexec services on clients.

Net Stop CCMEXEC - to stop sms agent host services
Net Start CCMEXEC - to start sms agent host services

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