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Uninstalling Adobe Flash Player via SCCM

Hi Guys, Today we are talking about uninstalling Adobe Flash Player via Sccm.

Let's start digging.... :D

As you know, Adobe will decide to stop supporting Flash Player at the end of this month and this year. At that point, microsoft made our job easier with relase update KB4577586. and it is perminantly delete Adobe Flash Player on your system so yo do not re-install again. (only solution for that is returning from last restore point for your OS.)

Related KB is not find on WSUS site so you need to add manually to your Wsus.Let's check how to do that.

1. After open the WSUS console, expand your server and click Updates. On the right panel, under Actions section, click Import Updates.

2. Then it directs you to Microsoft Catalog website then search KB4577586 as you see on below and add to Basket according to your environment.

3. Click View Basket and verify the updates that you have added. Click the Import button.

4. In the next step, the update should import into WSUS. However I got the below error while downloading the update KB4577586.

5. To fix this error , you should add a new registery key which name is SchUseStrongCrypto to below area then restart your sccm server and start to do step 1. Then related KB's successfully downloaded.


6. After sync Sccm console then related KB's will shown in your All Software Update section then the rest of deployment update is in usual way that you are already know that.

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