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Become a Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Ninja

Do you want to become a ninja for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint? We can help you get there! We collected content for two roles: “Security Operations (SecOps)” and “Security Administrator (SecAdmin)”. The content is structured into three different knowledge levels, with multiple modules: Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Expert. Some topics can be relevant for SecOps as well as for SecAdmins and are listed for both roles. We will keep updating this training on a regular basis and highlight new resources.

In addition, after each level, we offer you a knowledge check based on the training material you have just finished! Since there’s a lot of content, the goal of the knowledge checks is to help ensure understanding of the key concepts that were covered. Lastly, there’ll be a fun certificate issued at the end of the training: Disclaimer: This is not an official Microsoft certification and only acts as a way of recognizing your participation in this training content.

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