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How to Stop SMS_Executive Service in 4 Way

Hi Folks,

Today we will check 4 different ways to restart sms_exec service. Let's start;

1. Most Easy way is usinng services on Site server. Launch the services console. then click SMS_EXECUTIVE service and select Restart.

2. Using Cmd to Stop then Start Sms_Executive

net stop SMS_EXECUTIVE - To Stop Service

net start SMS_EXECUTIVE - To Start Service

3. This way probably is not choise by IT guys because this method as involves lot of steps and cause time consuming. Lanch the Sccm console then go to Monitoring then select System Status then click Site Status. On the Top menu, click Start button and click Configuration Manager Service Manager.

Then Find SMS_Executive on servers then right client select Query, then right click again and select Stop then Start.

4. Another simple way is using powershell cmdlet as like Cmd.

Restart-Service SMS_EXECUTIVE then Get-Service -name SMS_EXECUTIVE to check the status of service.

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