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Install Sccm Client Via GPO

Hi Folks,

Today we are create a Gpo which used to install Sccm Client. Let's start.

Open Group Policy Management Console, then right-click then create new policy which name is "Deploying Sccm Client" and Edit as you can see.

After that expand "Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templete" then right-click on it and select "Add / Remove Templates".

The Configuration Manager templates can be found in DVD\SMSSETUP\TOOLS\ConfigMgrADMTemplates or you can also add it from Configuration Manager\tools\ConfigMgrADMTemplates. You need to add 2 templates ConfigMgrAssignment and ConfigMgrInstallation. then click on Close.

Expand Administrative Templates, Classic Administrative Templates, Configuration Manager 2012, Configuration Manager 2012 Client. We see on the right pane that both the templates have been added but they not configured yet.

Right click on Configure Configuration Manager 2012 Site Assignment template and click edit. Click Enabled to enable the policy, under Options specify Assigned Site code, Site Assignment Retry Interval to 5 minutes, Site Assignment Retry Duration to 1 hour (You can also choose to leave the options to default except site code) then Click OK.

Right click Configure Configuration Manager 2012 Client Deployment Settings and click on Enabled. Under options specify the installation properties for CCMSetup file. You can specify lots of installation properties for installation of configuration manager client, click the button below for knowing more on CCMSetup command line properties. In our case I have used following installation command;

ccmsetup.exe smssitecode=xxx SMSMp=xxxx.local

Then we need to add msi installation package to "Software İnstallation \New \ Package" as you can see below.

The ccmsetup.msi can be found in SMSSETUP\BIN\I386 or can be found on sccm site server under \Configuration Manager\Client\i386. Copy the ccmsetup.msi in a folder (Create a new folder on SCCM Server) and share it with permissions Read-only for Everyone. Browse the file ccmsetup.msi to the folder that you created and Select the deployment method as Assigned. Click OK.

Then you will see related details of your package then you can close GPM console also You can choose to apply this policy at domain level or at OU level which depends on your request.

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